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A family member rings and asks if Mum has been to the doctor today? Saying yes, could be a breach of confidentiality.


When performing a physical examination, relying on implied consent can be risky. Especially with new patients you may not know well.

Jon Fogarty

I have a theory, entirely untroubled by scientific testing, that the quality of Doctor-Patient communication is best assessed in the surgery car park.


Message from the President - Associate Professor Richard Walsh 


By Dr Martine Walker


The Director the NSW Pharmaceutical Regulatory Unit, Bruce Battye discusses what his unit does and key prescribing issues doctors need to be aware of.


This year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours list has recognized the work of many NSW doctors and medical researchers, including the late Professor David Cooper, who received a Companion of the Ord


A doctor’s career will go through many transitions: from earnest medical student to sleep deprived hospital doctor, from a busy life in general practice to an active retirement - all the while tryi


Did you know that when you prescribe drugs of addiction (Schedule 8 drugs) to someone you may need an authority by the NSW Ministry of Health?


When it comes to prescribing, doctors often find themselves treading a complex path through what can be a clinical, ethical and legal minefield.