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With a long and successful career in medicine, Associate Professor Richard Walsh comes to the Medical Council of NSW with a distinguished record. We spoke with Dr Walsh about his career and his vis


Communication between hospitals and doctors can have an enormous impact on the health outcomes of patients, and it all starts with a humble discharge summary.


It’s not top of mind but understanding how the regulatory puzzle fits together can be useful. Most practitioners don’t think about medical regulation, hoping they will never need to know.  

Associate Professor Richard Walsh

We all know that clear two way communication with patients is an essential element of good medical practice.


Sometimes, it’s necessary for a doctor to stop seeing a patient, or a patient may not want to see you.


The Medical Council spoke to Dr Rosa Canalese, senior medical adviser at Avant and a Central Coast GP about communication strategies with patients when there’s been a mistake in clinica


A family member rings and asks if Mum has been to the doctor today? Saying yes, could be a breach of confidentiality.


When performing a physical examination, relying on implied consent can be risky. Especially with new patients you may not know well.

Jon Fogarty

I have a theory, entirely untroubled by scientific testing, that the quality of Doctor-Patient communication is best assessed in the surgery car park.


Message from the President - Associate Professor Richard Walsh