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Q. I’m a GP and see hundreds of patients each month. Does that mean there’s a high risk someone will complain about me?


No matter how thorough you are in your medical practice, it’s possible that at some point someone will complain about you.


Each year, the Medical Council considers about 2300 complaints and notifications about medical practitioners in NSW.


Everyone needs help sometime, and doctors aren’t immune!

Health problems, money worries and poor work conditions all create stress that destroys personal wellbeing and happiness.

Dr Jon Fogarty

Medical students and doctors display a range of clinical confidence. At one end of a continuum are those who appear untroubled by self-doubt.

Natalie Wikeepa

Sometimes, things go wrong.

Doctors see it every day – a dire outcome to a simple procedure, a misdiagnosis or a delay in treatment. A good doctor who’s had a bad day.


Many transgender people delay or avoid seeking health care because they have had negative experiences in medical settings.

Dr Walid Jammal

How do I take proper medical notes  and communicate  with my patient? Here's  how.