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When a performance matter is referred to the Council, one possible outcome is the practitioner may be required to undergo a Performance Assessment, which in some instances can lead to a Performance


Many healthy, low-risk women choose antenatal shared care (ANSC) because they prefer to be cared for by a doctor they have an existing relationship with and feel more comfortable under their care.


Have you ever thought about what your transition to retirement might look like? Will you cut all ties at once or slowly step back and focus on another passion such as research or teaching?


The Medical Board of Australia’s Good Medical Practice: A Code of Conduct for Doctors in Australia) sets the standard for the profession. Confident you are across it?


When the pandemic hit, it became a priority to embrace telehealth to ensure continuity of care for patients, whilst keeping practitioners safe and healthy.


Dr Liz Tompsett  is the Council's deputy president and a busy surgeon.


For the fully vaccinated, life in NSW is – thankfully – returning to some sort of new normality.


You need reliable, evidence-based information to be able to make good choices about your healthcare.


Over the last 10 years, the Medical Council has supported the work of the Medical Benevolent Association of NSW by contributing $500 000 to provide counselling support of doctors and medical studen