President's Message: November 2019

Associate Professor Richard Walsh

As medical practitioners, we prevent, diagnose and treat disease. We serve our patients with care and diligence – but while we often focus on patient well-being, our own can fall by the wayside.

The article Healthier Doctors = Healthier Patients highlights the importance of self-care and support from colleagues because ultimately, healthy doctors provide the best patient care.

In addition to the importance of self-care, this edition also explores  issues related to recording of  consultations and the impact of behavior in the workplace on patient outcomes.

Research shows a correlation between rude behaviour by practitioners within medical teams and poorer patient outcomes. Psychiatrist Dr Sarah Michael heads up the St Vincent’s Hospital’s Ethos Program which aims to encourage respectful behavior between colleagues and better support patient safety.

For many reasons, patients and their families can sometimes struggle to remember what their practitioner is telling them. Sometimes patients may ask to record their consultations. This edition provides tips on our obligations as doctors when patients ask to record consultations.

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Kind regards,

Associate Professor Richard Walsh

President, Medical Council of NSW