President's message: December 2020

Photo of Dr John Sammut, President of the Medical Council of NSW

The demands on our profession this year are no secret, even to the broader community. However, what may not be so obvious to many is that some of our colleagues are suffering. The increased demands on their practice, the heightened needs of patients, the struggle their families may be facing and more. The RACGP’s Health of a Nation report has shone a light on the one-third of GPs have seen a decline in their mental health. No doubt specialist numbers are similar.

So what next? As we approach the festive season, I encourage you to take a break, take care of yourself and reach out to your colleagues, even those who appear “fine”. And while I know this message isn’t new, it’s more important than ever. We have valuable, practical tips on self-care from Dr Timothy West, Director of Doctors Health Advisory Service (NSW) in this edition.

During my time at the Medical Council, I have also seen the impact on practitioners when a complaint is made against them. It’s natural to be concerned about your future prospects, your reputation and your livelihood. However, did you know that 83% of complaints are either discontinued outright or result in no further action (NFA)? We shine the spotlight on what it means to receive an NFA complaint outcome as we continue to provide transparency in our work regulating the sector.

I hope you enjoy this edition and can take a moment to complete the survey found later in the newsletter.

Wishing you a safe holiday break and a smoother 2021,

Dr John Sammut
Medical Council of NSW

As we approach the festive season, I’d like to encourage you all to take a break, take care of yourselves and reach out to your colleagues, even those who appear “fine”.