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Natalie Wikeepa

Sometimes, things go wrong.

Doctors see it every day – a dire outcome to a simple procedure, a misdiagnosis or a delay in treatment. A good doctor who’s had a bad day.


Many transgender people delay or avoid seeking health care because they have had negative experiences in medical settings.

Dr Walid Jammal

How do I take proper medical notes  and communicate  with my patient? Here's  how.  


The following NSW doctors and medical researchers were recognised in the Australia Day Honours List:

Companion (AC) in the General Division


Doctors who treat a patient for a chlamydia infection must record the contact details of their patient’s partner.


The Medical Council of NSW welcomes Dr Annette Pantle as its new Medical Director.

Dr Stuart Dorney

Doctors and medical students have higher rates of psychological distress and attempted suicide. Medical practitioners need to reach out to each other to help, and should not be deterred by laws around the mandatory reporting of health professionals. 


Pain is a significant health burden for many Australians, with up to one in five Australians living with chronic pain.


The Pharmaceutical Regulatory Unit (PRU) is now publishing on the NSW Ministry of Health website presc