How we manage complaints


We protect the public and manage risk to public health and safety. We help make sure that registered health practitioner’s in NSW practise safely and competently.

You can make a complaint about the health, performance or conduct of a registered health practitioner. We have different pathways for managing these different types of complaint.

Our powers come from the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (NSW).

Steps in the
complaints process

Stage one
Complaints are concerns about the care, treatment or behaviour of a registered health practitioner. You can make a complaint about a registered health practitioner or registered student in NSW.
Stage two
We work with the HCCC to manage complaints. It doesn’t matter if you make a complaint to the HCCC, the HPCA or the Council because we share information and decide together what we should do in response to your complaint.
Stage three
Learn about possible outcomes of your complaint.