Introduction to policies

These documents provide guidance and set standards for the profession.

1. Current Medical Board of Australia codes, policies and guidelines - read more
Medical Board of Australia (MBA) policies apply to all registered medical practitioners, including NSW practitioners. A rare exception might arise if MBA policy is not able to be applied in NSW due to the different law that operates in NSW concerning performance, conduct and health.

2. Current Medical Council of NSW policies, guidelines and position statements - read more
When the NSW Medical Board transitioned to the Medical Council of NSW on 1 July 2010, the Medical Council approved the continued application of all previously operating Medical Board policies. These documents only apply to NSW medical practitioners, or in relation to conduct or behaviour occurring in NSW. These documents operate to the extent that an MBA policy and guideline does not already cover the area of practice under consideration. In general, as the MBA continues to develop policy or guidelines, the MBA documents will gradually replace NSW documents. There may be circumstances specific to NSW that will warrant NSW specific policy to act as an adjunct to an MBA policy.

3. NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) Member Code of Conduct - link
NCAT has a Member Code of Conduct which applies to members of the tribunal, including occasional members (the professional and lay hearing members selected by the Medial Council to sit on tribunal hearings).

4. Archived Medical Council of NSW and NSW Medical Board documents - link
Superseded policies, guidelines and position statements are provided for reference purposes.

I am a NSW practitioner. Which policy applies to me?
Using the example of the NSW Sexual Misconduct policy and the MBA Sexual Boundaries Guidelines, the previous NSW Medical Board's policy on sexual misconduct applied to you up to 30 June 2010. The same policy was approved by the Medical Council of NSW to remain in operation as from 1 July 2010, so it applied to you from that date until it might be replaced. The MBA Sexual Boundaries Guidelines became operative on 28 October 2011. This applies to all Australian medical practitioners, so the Medical Council of NSW's Sexual Misconduct policy was superseded by these guidelines. There is no applicable adjunct policy that applies in NSW alone. If there was, it would be published.