Urgent cases

The law states the Medical Council of NSW must act quickly, if appropriate, to protect the health and safety of any person, or if it is in the public interest, to either suspend a medical practitioner or impose conditions upon his/her registration.

In such circumstances the Council conducts proceedings as soon as it is practicable. These proceedings enable the Council to take interim action to suspend or place conditions on a practitioner. This is done in anticipation of an early investigation and finalisation of matters in a more structured setting.

The Council has exercised this power in a variety of circumstances, including but not limited to circumstances where practitioners:

  • have been charged with serious criminal matters (whether arising within or outside the practice of medicine)
  • suffer from a serious impairment and demonstrate little or no insight into the extent of their problem
  • have continued to recklessly prescribe narcotics in a manner which is dangerous and likely to cause harm, despite previous warnings or counselling
  • breach conditions on their registration