Doctors' performance, conduct and health

Complaints and notifications
Information about making a complaint or notification about a doctor's professional conduct, performance or health, including an overview of complaints management and common complaint enquiries. read more

Professional conduct
An overview of professional conduct matters, including referrals for investigation and prosecution, disciplinary hearings and decisions, and the Council's powers to act in urgent cases. read more

Doctors' health
An overview of the Council's Health Program, including how to make a notification of an impaired practitioner or student to the Council, and information about practitioners/students with drug and alcohol problems. read more

Professional performance
An overview of the Council's Performance Program, including the management of performance complaints, how to make a notification to the Council of a poorly performing practitioner, and the processes of Performance Assessment. read more

Unregistered persons
The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency deals with complaints about non-registered persons falsely holding themselves out as registered medical practitioners. read more